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America in panic! Ha ha - now that's a post title.

I pray to the good lord baby jesus on the cross that our beloved Michael survives to screw more toddlers...
Everybody, just stay calm.

Alternately, you may wave your arms in the air, run around in circles and scream.
Michael Jackson dead at 50

So far only a news report and not confirmed - he was pronounced dead about 15 minutes ago.

No love lost here. He was a sick piece of garbage and ruined some young lives and was able to use his money to pay off families after raping their kids....

I heard stories of him paying off his friends who simply spent the night with him in the 70s. A limo driver heard stuff while driving some of the family for his grandmothers funeral.
He had some popular songs and Disneyland had Captain Eo- which suddenly went away during his pedophile scandal.
His death is already mentioned on Wikipedia (of course).
I remember seeing an interview with him and a 13 year old house guest of his. They were sitting and holding hands. It somehow seemed wrong.
I guess there must have been a reason why he payed off some parents. If he was innocent, then why pay when you know you'll look guilty by paying? Oh well, it's all water under the bridge now. He did create some good songs though...
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I didn't think he had any money left in his estate at this point. Aren't all of his assets paying for all his high living and\or out of court settlements?

I know about separating the man from his art, but... man...
Stand by for Family Feud Ep #4147789 over whatever money is left in his estate.

I didn't think he had any money left in his estate at this point.
Los Angeles Times says, "...Jackson also needed the comeback to reverse the damage done by years of excessive spending and little work. He has not toured since 1997 or released a new album since 2001, but he has continued to live like a megastar. [...] The concerts were to have been the start of an ambitious career revival designed to begin wiping out Jackson's staggering debt -- he owed at least $400 million and would have earned $1 million a night -- and return the singer to cultural relevancy."
He was paying $100,000 a MONTH in rent on that mansion in Bel-Air. I find it amazing that someone that owes $400M can keep getting credit.

I guess that the estate will now have to sell the Beatles catalog to try to pay off his debt. Expect Nike to own the Beatles catalog....

Plus, just wait for all of the suits against the estate from young adults that say that they were molested as children by him. They will take their share too. They deserve it more than many others, really.
Of course everyone is going to make some cash from his legacy, one way or the other

It is easy to throw a one liner about the guy and brand him as a ped.

But what I see also is that he was himself a product of child exploitation.

And I doubt that anyone here has not dance or secretly tried to imitate him.

Let's face it , the guy was a musical genius.
Can't name 1 good MJ song, they were all BAD.

And besides, if he was molested as a child that might explain why he molested other children, but it can never serve as an excuse.
We'll all have plenty of time to think about this as it will be ALL we hear about in the next months on the radio, television, and print sources. I was wondering why I kept hearing Thriller on the radio on my commute home yesterday. I thought I'd traveled in time to Halloween.
btw, I have never owned a MJ album. I would like to point out that Mozart and many creators were also considered bizarre.

At this time, maybe it is appropriate to read Bukowski "The genius of the crowd".

A good reminder to put things in perspective before going on a rampage.

He is already dead, no need to overkill.

My 2 grams...
Rampage? I see no rampage.

Mozart was indeed eccentric, but he also had the fundamental quality that is required to earn the title genius: exceptional intelligence.
i must say i never got the big fuss over him. he always struck me as uncool, unhip and with no depth or anything interesting to say/sing about.

just a few of the super-hip cutting edge crowd he hung and brainstormed with :

webster! the kid from home alone! that cory guy! gary coleman! brooke shields! elvis' daughter! etc!

talk about yer avant garde!
I guess that the estate will now have to sell the Beatles catalog to try to pay off his debt. Expect Nike to own the Beatles catalog....

If they do, I'm going to have to take out their headquarters here in Portland. I'd rather Yoko gawdamn Ono owned the catalog over them. Of course, it could end up being the same thing...
I for one hope that Yoko does end up getting it. She has not sold out Lennon's music and image the way some other surviving families have in other cases of high profile musicians deaths. I think the Northern Lights Songs publishing (I think that's the name of the old Beatles catalog anyway) would be in good hands if she controlled it.
At least better than Bob Marley's catalog has been treated by his family. Or is it just his image? Well whatever. Yeah Yoko would definitely be better than most other options.
To find the "genius" in Michael Jackson's work, you have to go back to the Jackson 5 Motown days. But that was due to the songwriting and musicianship of guys like James Jamerson and the studio band. To my ears "I Want You Back" still stands out as an AM radio pop gem. Bad-ass bass line too.

On his own ? There wasn't much to get excited over. But that's what you get when you put everything in the hands of Quincy Jones. QJ could make Blowfly clean and acceptable to the masses.
I don't know if Michael Jackson wrote anything but he performed and sang better than most. Like him or not, he sang and danced better than most and you can't take that away from the little freak.

I hope the family has a big picture of Michael at the services of the real face of Michael before he started trying to look like Diana Ross.
When he was still a handsome negro man.

Maybe his pain was from all of the surgeries.
i grew up on michael jackson---not the way that the kids at neverland ranch did, but still, i listened to his music more than i watched sesame street. i still love listening to his OFF THE WALL album. shit good. it makes me sad to see how crazy he got and that he is now dead. shit.
no Panic

Okay it's going around and before I share it I want to say I liked many of Michael Jackson's songs.

So Farrah Fawcett went to heaven and St. Peter said is there anything you wish to have for the people you left behind? Farrah said, "I want all of the children to be safe." and Michael Jackson died.

I know that's cold but you may laugh.
And I doubt that anyone here has not dance or secretly tried to imitate him.

I misplaced one of my gloves once. but I kept the other hand in my pocket. you know, just so people wouldn't think that I was trying to imitate MJ. but I really don't think that this counts.:p
Never really been a Michael Jackson fan, but there was no denying his presence in popular culture. He's been around since about the time I was born and now he's ... not around anymore and ... it's ... kinda .... weird ....
I loved Little Micheal Jackson. Ben was and still is a classic.
Use to love how the Jackson 5 would outdo the Osmonds everytime.

When I was in recording school one of the teachers had gotten an early release of "Thriller"
without telling us who the artist was he played about a minute of each song and said this is going to be one of the biggest hit records ever. Then he told us it was MJ and Quincy Jones and to watch how it would take off. And we did.

For me that was the end of the best of MJ, after that he really set out to to be someone else. It was a shame. I think he really wanted to look like Janet or Latoya.
It all started to be such Tabloid fodder I just stopped paying attention to it.

Gerard that was a wicked joke but I have to say I did laugh... quite a bit.
Q: What did Michael Jackson and an X-Box have in common ?
A: They were both made of plastic and were turned on by kids.

Q: What was the difference between Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson ?
A: Farrah played with Majors and Michael played with minors.

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