American Book Collector / The Fiddlehead 2 Mid-1960s periodicals With Bukowski Book Reviews (1 Viewer)

Here are 2 Periodicals from 1966 with Book Reviews of Bukowski's " Crucifix in a Deathhand" / " Cold Dogs in the Courtyard"

American Book Collector - Feb., 1966 Vol. XVI No.6
" A Skidrow Poet" by Jack Conroy

The Fiddlehead- No.67 - Winter 1966
" Two Ways Of Dealing With The Exterior. . . Crucifix In A Death Hand"




the ... rented room bard

See? That is how you label Buk. In 1966. The fact that people refer to him as the skid row dude now though, after however many years well removed from skid row .. That's the part that gets me.
I guess poet laureate of skid row (or PLOSR) is better than "literary bad-boy," "outlaw poet," or any of those other ridiculous titles, inaccurate as it is.
The PLOSR would be an awesome username. Potential newbies to the site, take heed!

But yea outlaw poet is worse. Maybe I'm wasting my breath making a row over this labeling stuff. On the other hand maybe I should get even deeper into it, start a move-on page to get Bukowski relabeled. I'm thinking 'The poet laureate of poetic leisure after working lots of crazy jobs and then working at the post office for a decade and change and being on the bum for a while and then having some low end rentals before finally getting himself a halfway decent pied de Terre and a flock of cats to keep him company in his twilight years' .. Any takers? Other ideas?

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