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According to Dorbin and Fogel, there was a Bukowski poem in this issue. I purchased a copy on eBay and there is NO Bukowski Poem in vol 20--no 240 July 1966. Wondering if anyone happens to know if Bukowski ever did have a poem published in American Turf Monthly? If so, what issue.
Don't know if anyone posted these before. American Turf Monthly July 1966 v 20 no 240 pg 11 " No 6"

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Thanks. I'm pleased that you like.
I was fortunate to purchase another copy at an estate sale of a former horse race trainer. I been looking for this issue for years. In fact not long ago I called American Turf Monthly ( now called " American Turf" ) inquiring about the possibility of obtaining a July 1966 back issue. After checking his files, he said " that's strange, we have numerous back issues of every month from 1966 EXCEPT JULY. None at all! " sorry, he said" If he only knew.
I'm wondering if this is truly scarce? I've just started collecting Bukowski magazine appearance ( about a month ago) . His books are out of my price range.
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It's listed in Al Fogel's Charles Bukowski: A Comprehensive Price Guide & Check List--1944-1999. I would imagine it is scarce, but other Bukophiles should be able to tell you.
Thank you, David, for the info. Yes, I have his price guide. I would imagine prices have increased since his price guide was published ( 14 years ago). But thank you for taking the time to post.

Many prices have gone down. Fogel overvalued some things. But that wasn't uncommon pre-Internet, when prices were determined by people's firsthand experience: "I've only seen three of these and I've seen everything!"

Then along comes a worldwide network and you find that you haven't seen everything. The Internet has really made printed price guides are relics of a bygone era. It makes things like Fogel's book more checklist than price guide.
Thank you MJP, for sharing your thoughts and responding. You're right, the internet has made it possible to view a lot of Bukowski items that were not viewable pre-internet. I love your databases and will use them in my search for the scarcer Buk mags. I just purchased Steppenwolf 4 (1970) with a bukowski poem titled (" quits") and when it arrives I will scan it for you.I think it's not in your database as yet. It's probably scarce because the only other copy I've noticed is in the Arizona Archives Online. ( Steppenwolf 4 autumn 1970 " quits" p 31).
It would be good to see that, since the only other appearance (in The People Look Like Flowers at Last) is questionable.

It's not even that you can see a lot more now with the Internet - though you can - but more so how it's changed the market. Or changed the definition of "rare."
Bukowskis correspondence with American-Turf-Monthly-editor Joseph Conte is included in Screams from the Balcony.

Very nice, Days runaway, thanks a lot!
There's been a time, when the internet wasn't a cause to decrease the prizes. In fact, till the mid-2000s the prizes continually rised. I think that's because, even tho the web made so many more copies available to the public, the number of people who started to get an interest in such things also rose with the web.

I may be wrong but my observation was, that the final killer for Bukowski-prizes was the immobilia-crash in the US and the worldwide economic recession that came with it.
the number of people who started to get an interest in such things also rose with the web.
A good and true point.

A price guide could still work, but ideally it would be a constantly updated database, not a book printed on paper every year.

People do that for some items. I know there used to be a site that tracked how much musical equipment sold for on eBay and aggregated that data into a real-world guide to what you could expect to pay (or be able to get when selling). Reverb still does that, but it only tracks their marketplace, so it's not completely accurate.

I would think there are other specialty databases like that around too.

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