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An Evening at Buk's Place - Beat Scene Press (1 Viewer)

Hi, anybody interested in a special numerotated issue (150 copies) on a very nice paper of my « An Evening at Buk's Place » ? Beat Scene Press just published this special « chapbook » (44 pages, with a series of 5 photos I took of Buk and Linda at the end of this memorable evening I spent with them in their place, in 1986. The interview was of course included in my book « Bukowski and the Beats » (Sun Dog Press, 2002), but here you have it just as such (without the essay) and with 7 photos altogether. The price is 8 £ for Great Britain, 15 € for Europe, and 20 $ for the US. If you are interested, please contact Keving Ring (the editor of Beat Scene Press) by email, which is :
[email protected]

Jean-François Duval

I guess folks don't want to comment because the folks here don't see anything new. I will say that your Bukowski interview book was an important compilation, but nearly every interviewer asked the same questions over and over through the years. That's not your fault, but the compilation suffers from it.

Again, not your fault, but not much to gain here -- and only for the Bukowski geeks on here would ever buy.

I'll also put it out there that I failed on a project like this, so you have my empathy.

Bought your book and read it last month. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The interview was great and I learned a few things about Neal that I didnt know. You're book is also available for free on open library, not sure if you were aware.

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