Ananda Osel/Joseph Osel: Article about a emerging genre of poetry. What does everyone think?


lothario speedwagon
the one that forces authors to actually exist, rather than to be the not so clever prank that a bunch of losers made up and then unsuccessfully tried to foist on the internet.
When asked, I couldn't not say what my favorite Bukoswki read was... I didn't know any, didn't have one . Came upon this Forum honestly enough looking for something else (ironically all of your name invoking brought me here on a search)

But shit my eyes have been opened, and I have scraped the surface of his work and not only do I really appreciate his realism but i understand it and can really relate to it being a downtown city kid my whole like, I get it. I now also understand that anyone promoting there work to this particular demographic... better fucking expect such things. because it's rusty, raw, truthful at it's unapologetic finest.

I've started out now reading Bukowski's bio's and quotes and I'll move on to his works when I am done with those. I should have known about this by now...real shit. better late than never.
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