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Hi my names Jonathan, I live in Los Angeles, and im 18 years old.
I make music and I write.
I collect vinyl records

The first time I read Bukowski I was 13 years old, I put a copy of Post Office in my pants and walked out of the store. That was the first book I ever liked.
So about a month later I went back and bought a copy of Factotum.

Well thats all I got to say, its nice to meet you all.

Blue in Green like the Bill Evans/Miles Davis song?

enjoy the forum.
Welcome BlueInGreen. I think we have a few Los Angeles residents here--myself included. Watch out for Marina del Rey ... she's really a he.
Welcome BlueInGreen I like the name. There is Blue in Purple as well.

Next time you get by 5124 Delongpre would you look in the door and see if there is a fireplace? I was there a while back and I do not remember it being there on the inside. I only ask since you are close.
My daughter is living with a song writer named Jonathan.
I was born in San Gabriel. Does that make me a native. Anyone remember Little Joes burritos? I was a kid, I dont know any of the bars, sorry.

Welcome Blue, I just had to get my LA cred in there.

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