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And so it goes... (1 Viewer)

Seller looks to be a pawn shop or something similar. The asking price reflects folks who have latched onto the internet; perhaps abebooks and ebay, to set asking prices. Few sellers want to know fair market. Many will wait for a sucker, but many others will see that their item hasn't sold in one or two listings and they come to their senses. That is rare these days. I almost pulled the trigger on two items that were about 25% over-priced on ebay last week. Seller re-listed said items after no sale - at a ~20% increase. I understand the logic. Idiots will pay more for an item when it looks more valuable. Problem is, I'm not an idiot (your opinions may vary). My approach in these situations is to ignore the item. I can't patronize someone who preys on idiots. Well, to a point. If it comes down low enough...

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