And Turns Still the Sun at Dusk Blood-Red from Bottle of Smoke Press

As those on my notify list already know, And Turns Still the Sun at Dusk Blood-Red poems from Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon by Christopher Cunningham and Hosho McCreesh, is available for order, and ships early March from Bottle of Smoke Press.

It's a companion piece to the two nobody-poets' groundbreaking book of letters, Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon.

From the FOREWORD:

In May, 2009, Orange Alert Press released Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon: The Cunningham/McCreesh Letters Vol.1. As part of that release, 26 stunning lettered hardbacks were made by the incomparable Bill Roberts of Bottle of Smoke Press. It's something most book collectors in general have seen—a limited edition hardback, often more expensive—to accompany the trade paperback. But we wanted to make something extra special for all those early supporters. Then it dawned on us: what's better than owning a broadside, or some other uber-exclusive production? A manuscript…an actual typewritten original.

Now this was an idea!

So we got to typing: a double-sided manuscript broadside, featuring an original, unpublished poem from each author. But not just any ol’ new poem—no sir!—one written specifically for the project…with a title pulled straight from the original letters themsselves. Yes, a new poem, by each author, off of their respective typers, signed and everything.

Collected here for the first time ever, are the final spoils: those 52 poems from the lettered copy hardbacks—bringing the entire opus full circle. Rarely in life does something as truly terrific as SUNLIGHT and now BLOOD-RED ever happen. From the original wild-typed letters traded between two strangers in 2002, to 13 years later, seeing how a few of those banged out lines dashed off in the sinking midnights have morphed into this. It celebrates everything that is wondrous about the small press—personal, approachable writing by unknown writers, most working day jobs and hoping to make the occasional buck while chasing their humble dreams. The fact that Bottle of Smoke manages to then wrap it all up in gorgeous, collectible artisan productions is further evidence of the vast, undiscovered culture of makers, doers, and creators—the life-blood of the small, artisan, independent press—putting out work that is far more adventurous than any large press (with their bean-counters making decisions based not on art but on the bottom line) can gamble on. We offer this up with our deepest and most sincere gratitude—to all who've supported us, and all who've made us look so damned good.

Paperback Edition: $15
Signed Hardcover Edition: $35

Anyone interested can order now from:
Bill Roberts
P.O. Box 66
Wallkill, NY 12589

View More Info at:

Right on! Thanks man!

I saw the art for what may have already become the cover plate. It will be a snazzy print job: letterpress black on yellow paper (airbrushed to red in spots), with silver ink on top of it all! Or so Bill tells me. I can't wait to see what that all means!

As for the poems: there's a THREAD HERE wherein some of you discuss buying copies of the 26 hardbacks of SUNLIGHT way back when. If you did, you've all read 2 of the poems. Ah, but here's the kicker: none of you have read the same two poems! And neither Chris or I ever sent these poems (all short, one pagers that fit on a half-sheet broadside) anywhere at least 50 of the 52 are new to everyone except Chris, Bill, and me!

As my friend Freddie says: "That's a lot of ham for two eggs!"

Anyhow, I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say...


As far as I know, not just yet. We'll put out an APB on Bill at BoSP for the definitive word.

Walked into that one, didn't I?

Actually, for these poems, Chris and I combed the book of letters, plucking out lines for each other to use as titles to the poems we would write. So he's to blame for all my short titles in this collection, as he picked all my titles, and vice versa. I don't think I stuck him with any of my unwieldy purple type handles, so apologies to all up front for the taciturn titles.

Heck, I had to do something...the guy that does all my Tables of Contents threatened to hang himself!

I have held, for the first time, copies of both the hardback and paperback in my grubby little mitts. As expected, they are a small wonder to behold. Here's to hoping the words measure up to their primo outsides. Bill took Sean Lynch's typerwriter and color design and in letterpress. So boss!