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Bit of a DNS server mishap this morning took down the mighty datapimp network (home to for about eight hours. We're back now (obviously), so all is well. We could have disappeared forever in a big California quake, then where would you be? Doing something productive? Bah! Who needs that? ;)

zoom man

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Thanks mjp for the explanation,...
I was worried you had reported me as SPAM,
No Kali earthquakes scare me!
(well, yeah, ok, maybe, maybe big time!)
Was there during the '92 (?!)


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ah, thank christ....I thought you were like that pink elephant i saw back in '97...
Ah....I was a little concerned...I thought it was my server...tried most of yesterday to get on....anyway, back now!

Man, I didn't know how addicted I was to this site until it was down. If that happens again, I might need to get clinical help....


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Thank God it was only 8 hours. Going Buk cold turkey is a nightmare. I had to watch a bit of The Buk Tapes as a temporary cure...:D


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Bukfan said:
Thank God it was only 8 hours.
You may have cursed us, as we were just down for another 24. But everything should be tip top now. That's what they always say right before the cancer diagnosis, right? ;)

jose leitao

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My fingers found themselves typing every time I wasn't paying attention. Glad to see we're back in business!


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Glad you're back up. For a while, I thought it was my Comcast connection, which has been iffy the past month or so, but then I heard about the server problem from Bill (who somehow always knows everything before I do). Was having withdrawal symptoms.
You keep doing this to me. My fragile mind cannot go long without my fix. I have found myself checking it at least ten times a day. It has become an addiction to me like many others (i'm sure). Please don't take it away from us!

I'm just kidding. I know that the LAST thing that you want is your server going down and that this forum is a small part of the probelm when your whole business is having computer problems. still...

I blame every contributing member on this list for making it so damn much fun to go on and see the new comments. I thank you and damn you all at the same time!

Can you feel the love?

All best,


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cirerita said:
somebody trying to hijack datapimp somehow?
No, it was a hardware problem that was fixed and then immediately went bad again. Kind of like putting a new roof on your house and having a meteor crash through it the next day. Lucky like that. Ha.

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