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Hi Friends,
I began Bottle of Smoke Press in October 2002, at the urging of Gary Aposhian and with the support of A.D. Winans, who was the first person that I published. To celebrate the beginning of my 6th year running Bottle of Smoke Press, I would like to make another offer to the great folks at This time, I only ask that you cover postage, if you can. The easiest way is to paypal me $1.25 to cover postage and paypal fees. This will cover postage in the US and outside the US. I will send a few letterpress broadsides that will be of interest to this group. No Bukowski, of course, but some kinda cool stuff hand printed on my press. That should cover postage in a 6" x 9" envelope.

For those of you that cannot afford the $1.25, please just let me know and I'll cover the postage. My goal is to get these things out there and do not mind doing it for free, but if my wife sees me go to the post office and knows that it is all on me... Well, I don't have to tell you.

Finally, If you asked me for a Ferlinghetti postcard or an Aposhian book and did not get one, please send me an e-mail or PM me. I had a major computer crash and lost thousands of e-mails, including many that were not read, or were read, but not yet had time to reply.

Either way, please PM me or e-mail me at [email protected].

Bill (Shilling Martyr) Roberts

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