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Anyone a fan? Eh? Eh?

Best band since 2000





soooooo many more songs by them so even if you don't like these
there's somethin' for everyone
if your'e an AC fan then you know what I mean...
so enjoy!
This gang might actually like Daniel Johnston. I saw the Animal Collective at All Points West this summer. Their set, or as I fondly refer to it as 'bathroom, beer time' sounded kinda weird from the porto-john.
i think the legacy of the Beatles is safe from the few songs i've heard. i'd lean toward cover bands if i had the choice. either oddass indy shit or bad renditions of "smoking in the boy's room" is the fate i've been dealt.
Animal Collective has more in common with Yoko Ono than they do the Beatles.
that being said, I dislike Yoko Ono (as far as music is concerned) and I like Animal Collective. I also like the Beatles. but Animal Collective also has more in common with the Beach Boys than they do with the Velvet Underground, which I like most of all.
although some days the Clash wins. which has more in common with the Ramones doing Jimmy Cliff covers.

ugh. I talk too much.
here here!!! i honestly thought you guys were kidding when comparing this band to the beatles. and i still think you are actually. here comes the sun? i don't think so...

and i actually like animal collective. the album "feels" is very good....
...i don't think so...

I don't wanna.....I don't think so....

I had that same dress, but someone stole it from my laundry basket. Now I think I know where it went. Bitch!

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