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Saw this tonight and it was very good. It was everything I thought Towelhead would be, but wasn't.

It took me a good 10 minutes to lock in on the heavy Northwest English (Manchester? Birmingham?) accent, but once I did it was really an engrossing story. Great characters, great acting - it hit all the notes just right. Recommended without reservation.
Agree, worth the time for a view. Have always enjoyed Brit cinema but they don't seem to produce much. Where's hank solo? You rep the U.K. Guess it's on you to answer for the lack of cinematic output. Is it money? The current rate of exchange favors the Queen's pound. Damn British, no wonder my ancestors left. :)
There isn't anything like the money in the British film industry as there is in the US. Still they manage to produce few gems from time to time.

I haven't seen that movie. Strange that it's supposed to be set in an East Midlands village and yet they all talk like Brummies (Birmingham - score 1 for mjp). Artistic license I suppose. I'm from the East Midlands, and perhaps our accents aren't as easily pigeon-holeable as the broader one's like Brummie.
when I was hitchhiking England (esp the West as far as I remember) I sometimes had a problem with the fact, that they tend to 'swallow' syllables. Like, someone talk to you and says "Please, please!" and you don't get it, till you realize this is meant to be "Police"!
Yeah, I wondered what roni was doing to my fellow country men/women that prompted the response 'Police! Police!' - which he mistook for 'Please! Please!'

Damn these German Sex Fiends.... :D (I Joke)
That's because Roni is the exception who confirms the rule. :D
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Now you know my secret life!

No, in fact it was one of our drivers, telling a story that happened to her (yes, it was a 'she') and she was talking FAST and I didn't quite get about half the words, and she told about someone standing on a bridge and said "Please, Please" and it took me some time to realize, the story was about police-men standing on a bridge and watching the traffic for fast drivers.

Well, that's just one outstanding example. I remember, there were more situations, when I had to keep in mind, that a whole syllable might be missing in a word and 'add' this syllable in my mind.

That was in 1988 where we visited places like Bristol and Birmingham. When I was in England again in 1995, we stayed in London (with a short trip to Oxford) and these problems didn't appear again. Or maybe my understanding of the language had been growing.

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