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Hi all,

Yes, it's true ... I've decided, after more than 20 years of dormancy, to bring "The Pig" back to life. I didn't post this in "Support the small press," because for now, the magazine is going to be Web-only. I do have hopes of doing a print version down the road, but for now, this is the way we're doing it. Here is the announcement from the Web site, which is at

I would love to see submissions from so many of you, so consider this an open invitation. I'm at [email protected] and if you submit fiction, send to Trina Allen at [email protected] ... looking forward to hearing from you!

-- Harry Calhoun

Announcing Pig in a Poke "” a magazine of quality poetry and fiction.

New and resurrected! Brought to you by Harry Calhoun, the publisher of the "80s underground magazine Pig in a Poke, and frequently published fiction writer Trina Allen.

"The Pig" featured work by Charles Bukowski, Jim Daniels, Louis McKee, lyn lifshin, Judson Crews and many more. This new literary journal in electronic format is looking for writers with passion "” poets, storytellers, essayists and others. Harry will pick the poems and literary essays, while Trina will select the fiction.

This is not a magazine for the fainthearted, as we plan to be very picky. But we hope that means the finest in poetry and fiction for our readers.

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