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I'm not a big fan of the Oscars or the Grammys or any other award-giving spectacle for that matter, but I think I may watch tonight. We've only seen one of the nominated movies - in any category - so I'm thinking an "Oscar wrap-up" podcast could be funny ("Didn't see it...didn't see it...didn't see it...).

In other news, rain is forecast this afternoon, and it's gloomy and sprinkley right now, so maybe we'll get to see the Los Angeles sky piss on the Oscars and the 20,000 media types who hover around it. Though I'm sure there are extraordinary measure in place to make sure a drop of rain never gets within 30 feet of George Clooney or Meryl Streep. But it's the thought that counts.
This fine podcast saves you precious time; you don't have to watch the oscars show and you can feel ok about not having seen most films getting one; and no broadway dancers here...
Enjoyed the latest podcast #11, one of my favorites so far.
Listening to you is kind of relaxing, and no matter if the subject is interesting or not, it's always a lesson in American English for me.

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