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(to those who get to view this post before it's censored as an inappropriate discussion topic):

"I AM THE SAD, SORE ASSHOLE OF YOUR WORLD, THE CACKLING PARROT OF YOUR DOOM" is now available for sale worldwide, as a CD or digital download.

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This wild, raucous and often funny collection of songs on texts of American poet Charles Bukowski is written for male voice and a modern "chamber orchestra" that includes electric guitar and bass, a huge percussion arsenal and up to six keyboard players. The 12 songs touch on subjects such as drinking, women, the creative process and growing old, sometimes all at once. They are enclosed by an instrumental Prelude, and a six-voice Fugue with all the stops pulled out.

Vocalist (and composer/pianist) Paul Amrod provides a bonus track, the jazzy "Variations on a Drunk Piano" for piano solo. Latin percussionist Steve Thornton and bassist Andrew Hagerman also appear on several tracks.

This album was made possible with the full support of Linda Lee Bukowski and The Bukowski Literary Estate.

John Melcher


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JohnM is our friend composer, who does not seem to understand that he is not welcome around these parts. But so many of the nuts don't get that. They keep trying to come back. You can ban them, block them, make them miserable, and they just keep coming back. What kind of masochist would keep sticking his nose in where it's not wanted? What sort of sad idiot? It is a mystery to me.

What's funny about his incredible new record is he seems to have primarily chosen poems that Martin rewrote in the comprehensive slash and burn desecration that is the posthumous books:

"adaptations of his poems from several published volumes: Love is a Dog from Hell, The People Look Like Flowers at Last, Bone Palace Ballet, Betting on the Muse, Slouching Toward Nirvana."​

I'm sure Martin's words and Melcher's music deserve each other.

In case you needed a visual cue, the giant beer in the foreground lets you know that the music, and Melcher himself, are the real deal...


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