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The poem was about his writing another boring poem about the racetrack, and he talked about his struggle to take his penis out to urinate, because his boxers were on the wrong way around. I thought it was in the collection Dangling in the Tournefortia; however, I can't find it. Can anyone help? Cheers.
I can personally say that I got very bored with his racetrack poems -- especially the "system" stuff. Non-racetrack people probably don't understand the high. That's not to say I hate all racetrack poems... Any that feature submormals I tend to love.

(It was Linda Lee who told him they were boring.)
I love the track poems, love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. But speaking of subnormals, there's one in War All The Time (as if Horsemeat weren't enough (and it ain't)) entitled Space Creatures that should fit your bill nicely.
especially the "system" stuff.
must admit - beside those, where he gets too much into detail with his pro-talk - I like them. Same in prose, e.g. the part in 'Post Office' where he talks about strategies.

You're aware, that he didn't like German racetracks, when he visited in 1978, because there was no tote-board and he didn't get the German betting-system at all?
It's in 'Shakespeare Never Did This'. Some funny remarks about, how his German hosts tried to do him a favour taking him to the track, while he was uncapable of enjoying it.

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