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it's funny I just finished COPYING that item to paste for a new thread...
the signature is BAD, the way they sloppily (is that a word!?) threw up #148 at the top is even worse... I see a $50 bid already, I emailed him it's a FAKE, nobody likes to see somebody TAKEN on bogus shit like this...
This seller is like a magician. HE took a $300 Trade 1st Edition and turned it into a $50 forgery P.O.S. Abracadabra. Just like magic! ha!

I suspect that the seller may not know that it's bogus. The reason I think this is that he recently sold a copy of "At Terror Street..." and didn't fuck with it at all. It appears to be an ex-lib copy. It's possible that some clown checked it out and thought it would be cute to try to make it look like a numbered edition.

Has anyone emailed this seller about this?
I have, he said he had doubts about it too, but would "let the marketplace decide" if it was genuine.
The seller is in fact a person that I think would not forge this. I believe that he was duped. For the record, he noted the possibility of it's non-authenticity and lowered the bid. I bid on it as a place holder until I can get that mint copy. Best,
All this cloke & daggerey an i just learned how to do this . Its enough to make you jump from an eighth floor window, after writing some poems acourse

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