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He has other signed books listed, but only one Bukowski. I wonder if the others would look right to collectors of those authors/celebrities?
I just e-mailed him...
Told him he is the subject of a Bukowski forum
And 'don't you feel like an unscrupulous shit.' ;)

Really tho, this kind of thing sucks....
Of course his other books-for-sale
Have forged sigys too...

He does a little homework and forges ahead
I can't believe it, but the guy actually sent me a response! ->

"I bought this from a garage sale. I compared it to other sigs and it looked legit. I will take it down, but i really thought it was real."

Let's see if he really yanks it...
It looks like he is not going to shut this down and is going to rip off a buyer. He was warned. I also notified ebay twice. Anyone else wanna take this guy out? If a few of us would file a report of counterfeit autograph, they may actually shut this down before the auction ends. The live chat guy said that I could bid it up and then not pay for it, but that is a piss poor alternative to ebay doing their LEGAL obligation and removing illegal items...

I know. They are not helpful. They would rather make the $5 on the sale of the forgery than do the right thing and shut it down. I just sent the third e-mail to the seller. I have filed another case. If we could get a few more people to report this, I'm sure that we can get him suspended. It seems that once the bid went up, he felt that he could just slide it through and make a couple bucks. These poor forgeries really make me sick.

DO we know if this member "ebay police" is an actual ebay employee? That would be nice if they would actually listen....

Hell, If I had a shill account, I'd use that and bid it up and then never respond. Too bad I only have one account. Anyone on the list that MAY have a second account and wanna make him pay fees and never sell the book? hint, hint....

I reported it, but only after comparing the seller's other signed books with some Google searches.

The Hitchcock is completely unlike the other Hitchcock signature I found...this guy is bold. I wonder if he would say he found the others at yard sales too. Heh.

I was on the fence about the Bukowski signature until I heard the yard sale bit and saw the Hitchcock.

The Ebay Police user here is not an eBay employee. said:
If we could get a few more people to report this, I'm sure that we can get him suspended.
Hey Bill,
I reported him yesterday, late afternoon...

I just don't think e-bay cares.
It is amazing,
Every book this guy has is 'signed.'
This makes me even more suspicious of sellers' who keep the buyers' ids Private.
(I would otherwise contact them....)

Should we bombard this guy with e-mails on all his items?!!
We need a plan, Stan,
I want to get this guy
(this guy of one of thousands, I'm sure :( )
His e-mail is [email protected]. It would now appear that he is just making these up as he goes. Maybe we sould all send him e-mails letting him know that 1) we will report every forged Bukowski book to ebay until he is removed, and that it does not matter what ebay ID he uses, we will find him and 2) If ebay will not shut him down, we will have one of our operatives bid the book up and then not pay for it. Either way, they wil not be sold.

These people with their dirty pens make me sick. The fact that soe sucker paid $405 for a $3 book with a quickly forged signature is sad. Of course, the buyer was ignorant too. That book was not worth $405 if it was a first edition and signed. Even if real.

This is the guy that bought that $405 Notes....
stonegrandfather( 795)
I was going to e-mail him and say hey,
You were totally ripped off
But my God, he's a high end bookseller?!
Could he be that ignorant?!

Anyway, I reported our forgers other 3 items as fake too....
Thanks for his e-mail addy Bill,
Do you know his name?
I would notify the buyer of the item. If he paid with paypal, it will be reversed. He may be ignorant and should not be, but if he is a bookseller, that means that he plans on reselling it. That mean that some poor sap will buy it from him and get ripped off. We can stop this forgery from getting into the system.

I would tell him. Absolutely...

BIll said:
...we will have one of our operatives bid the book up and then not pay for it.
A little bird told me that is exactly what's going to happen to this one.
Hi Zoom Man,
This buyer stonegrandfather seems like he is JUST like the guy that ripped him off. He has a bunch of FB accusing him of fraud. He also hides all of his bidders names. It would be fun to let him know that he was ripped off and that this would have been prevented by the seller listing the names of bidders. We would have warned him, but because he wants to play this little game, he now has a $405 book that is worth $2.

Also, this guy is not a high end bookseller. He buys inferior copies of common, but classic books (like Hem) then improves the photos, better listing and upsells the usingt a Buy It Now for at least double what he just paid for it. Nothing wrong with this, but he is not a bookdealer. He is a short term speculator. Plus, that art..... You gotta see the art....

I say let him know so that he and the other "upstanding member of the bookselling community" can go at it...

Bill said:
I say let him know so that he and the other "upstanding member of the bookselling community" can go at it...

Wow!, ok, will do....
I didn't look into him that much.
This is all so disillusional...
E-bay spawns both monsters
And no-where-else-could-you-find-it-incredible-deals!

Still, it's a pill that I'll religiously swallow every day
That leaves a bad taste only sometimes...
I've reported this too - but I've had no response. I think I can say with (some) authority that this is a fake & that the person selling it is a CUNT with the morality of snail shit. Many of us spend lots of cash on books we want to be the real article - and why not? This shit is not on.

Collector? What happened to the yard sale?
You all probably saw this:

It's amazing that a copy of YOU GET SO ALONE with a questionable signature got over $1000, yet a copy of IT CATCHES, with an undeniably authentic signature, but a couple flaws, ended with no bidders at $499. Condition may be king, but I have to conclude some collectors are just plain stupid. Or did I miss some big red flag with IT CATCHES? I'd buy it myself if I had $500 laying around unused.
David, I think a few concerned citizens drove the price up on this one, without the intention of paying, sticking the forging asshole with a higher ebay fee.
hopefully the prick has learned his lesson.
Ah, right. I should have put two and two together from the thread and figured that out for myself. Boy do I feel dumb. Thanks for explaining, hoochmonkey.
We could have a contest to see who can come up with the dumbest fake signature on a Buk book. For example: an Ecco reprint inscribed to John Martin: "Good move, selling the catalog to Ecco, John. You always were a better business man than me. Just leave the poems and the ponies and the tall six packs to me, baby...that's my department." Or whatever. Jeez, that sounds like fun, making an obviously faked Buk signed item. The winner gets a signed copy of NEW POEMS VOLUME ONE.
What's really funny(?) is that you could probably get a bundle for it on ebay.

jose leitao said:
Wouldn't it be fun to have a book published after 1994, signed by Buk? :D
I think I mentioned this elsewhere - I once came across an ebay auction for a "signed" Bukowski book. It was signed (badly) on the title page and the 2000 printing date was clearly visible. Kinda sad when thieves are that stupid...
Just so I don't have to key it in...
chronic said:
...In one case, a seller was listing a "signed" book (can't recall which title) with a scan of the (badly) "signed" title page where you could clearly see that it was a 2000 printing. I emailed politely letting him know that it was a fake. He insisted it was not. I pointed out that it would have been difficult to get a man who had been dead for 6 years to sign a book to which he started arguing that 2000 was not a date but some obscure code used by BSP for god knows what reason. I still pestered him and he withdrew the book. A week later it was up there again... different seller name... title page scan carefully cropped to remove the year. This time I emailed ebay directly and the listing was withdrawn.
Incredible story, chronic. With my artistic skills, a life of crime as a Bukowski forger would look really good to me, if my parents hadn't saddled me with this damned sense of ethics. To think I have to work like a dog selling genuinely rare books on eBay, when all I would need to do is pick up an armful of BSP reprints and some sharpies, and I'd be making money hand over fist.

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