Another Fun Inscription - 2 By Bukowski (1 Viewer)

Here's my copy of 2 By Bukowski. It's copy #1 inscribed to Barbara Martin. In the inscription, Bukowski suggests murdering John so they can be together. He draws a playful image of Barbara running a spear through John's back with some guts dripping off the end.

Full disclosure: I'm not posting this to brag on my collection or try and show-up everyone else. I think there's a audience who enjoys seeing this stuff and I hope these posts are taken in the right spirit.

Chronic, feel free to grab this image for your site.

2 by Bukowski.jpg
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yes nymark, there's an audience, and i'm first in line to see what you have! i love it! i think this inscription even tops "fire station", and that's saying alot...
You bet there's an audience! I love to see all the Buk drawings and dedications you guys are posting, and this one is one of the best! Thanks, Nymark...
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Truth be told, it's a damn good thing I bought all this shit many years ago. I most certainly couldn't afford it now. Do you want to know how I do it?

Pure luck.
It's well documented that it's better to be lucky than it is to be good. And you are one damn lucky mother-fucker! :D

BTW, that image looks like how the Virgin Mary was defaced in The Exorcist.
The thing about finding rare books is you have to believe you will find them, and you will. If you don't think you will, you won't. You have to look for them with your eyes wide open, hungrily. I've had the most luck looking in places people don't look for them, finding them in ways people don't expect to find them. Anyway, lots of luck.
This is SO very true! I've always found the very happiest of finds in the most unlikely places, or when I'm not expecting to find anything at all. CRB:)
Thanks nymark, excellent!

Sorry rekrab, meant to acknowledge you and nymark, for starting the post. Thanks both! :)
I know to some people it may sound hokey, but having a positive attitude really does make a difference in looking for rare books. And being diligent. I've found many rare and valuable books just by actively looking for them daily. Eventually, they turn up. Having a strategy helps, too, I'm sure. Thinking about how you could possibly find them, under what circumstances, and then applying that to your searching method.

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