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It is what it is
This goes nicely with nymark's inscribed Barfly.

yeah, true.

Back to our plans to make a book of those now!

I really like to have one of those next to my bed, going to sleep drunk, just the power to read a few pages before the lights go out. Reading his funny, witty, serious, unimportant, important scribblings about life and death and how it goes...


"The law is wrong; I am right"
I love to read Buk's inscriptions. They're so funny. Thanks, ROC!
(Who's Arthur Feldman?)
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It is what it is
I had no idea until nymark told me yesterday.

Hey Mark?, can I post what you wrote?

I'll post a better one tonight if I have time.

Watch this space.
Arthur Feldman was a prince among men! Here's the PM I sent ROC:

How in the world did that inscription find its way to OZ? Arthur Feldman was a wealthy patron of the arts from Cleveland, Ohio, where I grew up. I knew Mr. Feldman a bit (he passed away many years ago) and use to visit him on my trips back to Ohio to see my family. He had a fantastic book and art collection. Feldman gave Martin seed money for Black Sparrow Press and was a soft touch for many artists. He had every Bukowski book Black Sparrow published and then some. He had a spetacular copy of WOMEN with a painting. The painting was one of the prototypes Buk did for the cover illustration.

I'll add that Mr. Feldman had a BOX of one-of-a-kind HAND PAINTED/DRAWN books by Kenneth Pachen he use to let me rifle through. Fantastic stuff. He was an art dealer in Cleveland and carried a lot of Miro, Dali, stuff like that. I visited a few times with Aaron Krumhansel, who knew him better than I did. Aaron, if your're out there, can you add anything?


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Thanks Nymark! Arthur Feldman seems like an interesting person in the book collector community. I never knew, or read, that he helped Martin with money for BSP. Martin's official story was always that he sold his rare book collection and started BSP. Perhaps he did'nt want to ruin a good story by saying some of the money came from Feldman...;)
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Stop right there. Don't make too much out of my "seed money" comment. While Feldman may have provided some assistance early on, there's no doubt in my mind that Black Sparrow still would have flourished without a check from Arthur Feldman. Black Sparrow started becuase Martin sold his collection. There is no hidden history to be uncovered.

Back to my original question for ROC: I wonder how that book got out on the market. Supposedly, all of Mr. Feldman's art and books went to his son in Arizona. I don't recall ever seeing them offered on the open market and I certainly would have noticed if they had.
If this is the guy who died a few years ago, and had 2 of every Bukowski book, then they were split up and sold to two high end booksellers, both in CA.

James Musser may still have some of the books from that collection, if that is the case.



It is what it is
So we are none the wiser.
The copy of Hollywood inscribed to Feldman also contained this little thing...


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