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I don't think I posted this yet, but I might have. Moderators, feel free to trash this thread it's a repeat. I don't want to clutter up the site with a lot of re-posted material.

post office.jpg
This was inscribed to Bukowski's lawyer, Arthur Applebaum.
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You did, but it's hidden away in another bit, so it may have been missed by some.
Nice looking book.
That's a great inscription! It's interesting that Buk says it was easy to write Post Office.
Thanks, Nymark...
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yeah, I remember that inscription.
Still great to be pointed to such things again.

I will have to look for a German interview he gave in the mid-70s, saying a similar thing. (of course we know he did say that a lot of times. Maybe comparing all the - slightly - different versions may lead to the exact dates one day.)
Great inscription.

Yep, so he assembled the words and typed typed the thing in twenty nights...and for him, that may well have been easy. But he had been "writing" it for many years. And THAT was, I'll bet, not easy. We sometimes forget that there is craft and labor in authoring that only requires some drive and discipline. The "worth" of it is drawn from exceptional...even superhuman, effort and endurings.
The Art of it happens against the odds and in spite of everything else.
We all are allowed, as individuals, to decide what is and is-not Art.
Its a big responsibility. Use it wisely.
will have to look for a German interview he gave in the mid-70s, saying a similar thing.

okay, he gave this interview to Thomas Kettner in 1975.

HERE is the passage, where he talks about writing 'Post Office'.

it says:

What you wrote in your book about the time at the PO is authentic, right?

Yes, I barely had to invent something for this. It was o.k. as it was. I wrote that book in 21 nights. Opened a bottle of Whisky, smoked cigars, the radio played symphonies. I wanted to write a certain amount of pages each night: "Tonight, I must write 10 pages!" Well, but when my eyelids dropped down, I had fargotten about that. The next morning I discovered: 21 pages ... 29 pages ... I was in a flow. And 3 weeks later it was finished. For my second novel, 'Factotum' I needed to take 4 years. So, the work on this one was a totally different thing.

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