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hi everyone,

nice message board you got there. It seems to have a nice community of free-thinking individuals.

I'm a huge buk fan of course,(read all his main novels) but this year and 2014 I really really delved into his work.

I read his correspondence with Weissner and the Webbs

I read ''captain his out...''

but the ones that really made me idolize the guy were the posthumous releases :

- portion of a wine stained notebook

-absence of the hero.

I think of all his work, his essays are my favorite things he did. It just shows how intellectual he really was, although he wouldn't admit it. he had his own artistic vision, a profound and simple way on seeing things, He really had it figured out. Art was sacred too him. I think he said something along the lines of :

''Life was meaningless unless you were making a work of art,.....''

so yeah.

I'm an aspiring artist myself . I'm no writer though, but I do drawings, illustrations and sometimes I paint stuff.

[Removed images. We don't let people post their poetry, so the same should apply to art. Links are okay though. - ed.]

looking forward to meet you all.

see ya
hi Cubism,
you're right, the posthumous collections you've mentioned are great, especially Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook. I've just reread (for the third or fourth time) the untitled essay in A Tribute to Jim Lowell, a short and strong one from 1967. Portions is full of great stories and essays.

Dig into this site and enjoy. You are exactly at the right place.

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