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another one bites the dust... (1 Viewer)

With a touch of 'sadness' (and EMPTY pockets..) I am starting to sell of my Bukowski collection...
I've been collecting for 14 years, which is a short time compared to some, but I did it obsessively, it's a SOLID collection, with a wide variety of items (tapes, books, broadsides, posters, magazines, etc, etc...).
I'm starting off 'easy', this is the first item I've sold on eBay but I'm sure a few guys on this forum I've bought from will vouch I'm an honest/legit guy, I will only charge what the ACTUAL shipping costs are, I believe in making an honest buck off the auction, not off BOGUS shipping fees...

Please keep an eye out, I'll have LOTS listed in the next few months...
All the best,

(starting off EASY, more to come...!)

Actually, I would throw everything up on eBay vs. running them through the bukowski.net gauntlet. That's the surest way to get top dollar and, let's face it, you need to do what's best for you, not us.
BUK for a BED

You can continue to post your auctions. It isn't shilling when it's one of our own.

...Alright, since u put it that way! ;)

beautiful (unopend/unread) copy of HORSEMEAT (signed by Montfort)


signed, candid photo of BUK at the typer


I'm listing a bunch of these SMALL PRESS 'goodie bags', in #5 you get a couple of BUK items, plus I've added my own chapbook and Karl Koweski's, why not!


I've got a bunch of HC's, foreign editions, magazines, broadsides going up for sale this week, thanks to this forum and anyone who stops by to take a look. Moving this week, so I'm having my "BUK for a BED sale!", where you get great books and I get a good sleep.......

That's a wild signature on the photo. I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with it, just that it's not like any I've seen. I wonder if Buk was in a hurry, or signed it in informal circumstances where he didn't have a lot of control. It's interesting in light of the discussions we've had here about various forms his signature has taken over the yaers. Nice item. As is the HORSEMEAT.

I gotta ask, having once sold off my own Bukowski collection (much lamented later): are you keeping reading copies? I wish I'd done that. I blew it all out because I needed the cash. Later, when I wanted to read him again, I had to rebuy everything. You might want to hang onto lesser copies if you have duplicates just so you have those precious texts. But do what you gotta do. Good luck with the move and the auctions.
That's a wild signature on the photo. I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with it, just that it's not like any I've seen. I wonder if Buk was in a hurry, or signed it in informal circumstances where he didn't have a lot of control.

I can say that these postcards are glossy. I'm sure that Buk, being used to signing books (with very porous paper), would not have planned on the ink smearing as much as it does. Even with a sharpie, those glossy cards have to air dry for a bit before they can be touched or even stacked on top of each other.

Signing these without paying very close attention to what you are doing will give you this result.

I'm confident that it is real. Not the sharpest signature, but authentic.

I got the postcard from Jeffrey (Water Row), so I know and can asure you it's 100% legit. Bill nailed when he said it didn't have time to dry, Buk surely signed a LOT of items in his day, we've witnessed a few 'rush' jobs on this forum. The postcard is much nicer than those PIX represent (crummy camera).

Doesn't appear (so far) to be too much interest in Pferdefleisch (HORSEMEAT), which surprises me, it's the only affordable alternative to BSP's Horsemeat. The photos inside that book are beautiful.

David, I've got at least 2 copies (often more...) of all the BSP titles, so after I sell off a few thousand titles and related Buk items I'll be left with a small row of the 'essentials'. I agree with you not to sell off EVERYTHING...
I hope it didn't sound like I was casting aspersions on the authenticity of the signature. I don't doubt it's real, it just has a different look to it than the ones you see in books. Glossy paper must be the reason.

That's good that you're keeping reading copies. You'd probably regret it if you didn't. There's nothing more frustrating to a book freak than wanting to read some rare text and not being able to lay hands on it.

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