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There's a Buk poem that ends with something to the effect of:

"And I stood there, putting the popcorn kernels into my mouth, and feeling like a total asshole."

Now, I know the "feeling like a total asshole" is the correct last few words of the poem, but I may have mixed up some words in the earlier portion of my quote, as Buk has had a few popcorn references in his work. Most notably was something, probably from Factotum, where he hadn't eaten in a few days, and got a hold of some popcorn and was eating it in the street, thinking that each kernel was like gold, or somesuch. But that's not where the poem I am wondering about came from.

So, who can rescue me from Rapunzel's venus flytrap?
P.S., I am trying desperatly to find a poem that ends simular to the piece you are asking about. though it seems the one I am thinking of has something to do with walking through a department store, buying some popcorn and standing, looking at the tool section(?) shit, I know that I read it just a couple of weeks ago, but can't remember where. (I randomly skip thru books) Does this sound even remotely simular?...
It does sound familiar. In fact, the poem I am thinking of was shown to me in a rest room by the guy who turned me on to Buk back in 1987 (no, you needn't draw any great conclusions from this!). I was pissing and he came up to the next stall and was giggling, and I asked him why. He showed me the line about being a total asshole (God bless guys who carry Buk into the restroom). To this day, I thought it was in "Dangling..." but no.
Purple Stickpin, "Dangling in the Tournefortia" is the right book.

The poem you both want is 'out of the mainstream'.

then I stroll through the hardware section
looking at tools that I have no interest in,
then to the electrical section
where I stand looking at a series of
jamming the popcorn into my mouth
and feeling like a total
Damnit man, some day I'm gonna figure out how you do that!

Memory is a relaxed function of your brain and then again hank solo might be slightly autistic. Or is it sevant- however you spell it. The man is a treasure.

Someone please start the hank solo appreciation thread.
I taught Derren how to do that trick. It is a trick I assure you.
On popcorn, there's a great line in the Bukowski Tapes where he says sometimes he doesn't even want to write, it's like another job, but sits down to the typer and the words just come "like popcorn, psst, pssst, pssst". Love that.
:D I think that's funny.

We shouldn't take hank solo for granted. Father Luke will always be there with the video.

(back to our story) Now I better understand why I would not eat the popcorn at Sears
Here's one Derren and I worked out after something we read in a Bukowski column once.

Should work fine on all politically minded people.
On popcorn, there's a great line in the Bukowski Tapes...
That's in chapter 26 (aptly named The Words Start Popping Up,) the last piece in the first part of Tapes:


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