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As frequently happens with me, for the last fifteen years anyway, my drinking has once again hitt "critical mass", my oul' mind started playing hide and seek, the last straw (one of them) was when I woke up the other morning and the radiator, (wuite a large radiator) was in the middle of the living room floor, how n the name of god that happened I have no idea, and pprobably never will, it is so heavy it took all my straneght to put it back against the wall, let alone try to hook it back in, in a state of drunken madness I took a tonne of my kids play dough and attempted to fill the holes with playdough, and rescrew the screws back into it, needless to say, didnt work, so I went to the doctor and after a soul destrying 15 minute chat about "what I am goinna do with my life" he put me on a month long course of anti-buse, and some librium and valium, so I still feel like I am semi dislocated from reality. the brak will do me good, I have heard terrible stories about drinking whilst on those things, so I am off it for the time being. I thought it was almost poetic irony that the day I was oto start on the anti-buse was St Patricks day, and I lvie in Ireland, oh how druel fate can be, like recently my girlfriend and I were spending our first ( and probably last ) valentines day together and she quickly informed me that "it" wasn't gonna happen that day, because she had "them", I wonder what easter will have in store for me this year/ I will probably find out I am a diabetic.

Anyone else ever had to endure a dose of anti-buse? how did you fair out?

Wish you all the best my frinds :)
I've never been in that situation myself but I wish you the best. And whatever you do - DO NOT drink while taking the antabuse. You'll be sick as a dog, as I'm sure your doctor warned you. Best of luck and a belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.

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