Any connections between Bukowski and Bob Dylan?

Discussion in 'All things Bukowski' started by Montana, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. I don't know of any; but this line from one of Bob's little known songs sometimes reminds me of Buk.

    "Oh, the only decent thing I did when I worked as a postal clerk
    Was to haul your picture down off the wall near the cage where I used to work.
    Was I a fool or not to try to protect your identity?
    You looked a little burned out, my friend,
    I thought it might be up to me."

    This song would have been written in the mid-70s...a few years after Post Office had come out.
  2. cirerita

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    B. wrote a throwaway poem titled "Bob Dylan", putting Dylan down, of course ;)
  3. Do you have the poem?

    I've never seen it, would love to read it though.
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    I thought the line was, "Was I a fool or not to protect your real identity?" Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. But I think has it wrong.

    I know because I'm really old, you see.
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    at least I heard your bluebird sing.


    (thanks to mjp for the photo)
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  6. mjp

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    Well there's your connection right there.
  7. dogdice

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    who's the fat bloke with the beard ?
  8. I recall Buk saying he (from faullty memory) that he preferred Donavon over Dylan-felt Dylan was a poser.
    He had that one backwards-at least Dylan never wrote a song call Neutronica or me me me me I love you
  9. dogdice

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    more of a sibelius man I think.
  10. Purple Stickpin

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    "Up to Me" was left off of Blood on the Tracks due to time constraints (or corporate greed), and that's a good testament to the strength of that album, as Up to Me is a great song. I've loved it ever since I got Biograph in 1985.

    I never made a connection between the postal clerk reference and Buk, but it could be inspired Post Office. Then again, Dylan used a large number of obscure references to all sorts of things plucked from the ether.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Actually, I recently found out via Google that Dylan read Buk's poem 'A Radio With Guts' on his Theme Time radio show discussing the theme of 'radio'...
  12. Erik

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    He also quotes Buk on the jail-theme program, you know the one that goes:
  13. I dont think buk really rated BD. He said he only wrote one good poem about a tree or something hehehe
  14. cirerita

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  15. In Women, Chinaski gets into a car with Valerie (the jewish women, I think thats her name--I could be wrong) and the radio was blasting a song by Bob Dylan.

    Up until this post, that was the only Bob Dylan reference I heard Buk make.
  16. dogdice

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    Bob Dylan said on his "theme hour" radio show tonight that Bukowski was a "fat old bore who couldn't write his way out of a paper bag."

    I thought it was a bit harsh myself.
  17. from a man who rates Ginsberg. Case rested
  18. Over at the Bob Dylan forum "Expecting Rain" I found some bits form Dylan's "Theme Time Radio Hour" where he reads Bukowski, an excerpt from "Radio with Guts" and "Some People" in it's entity. Priceless stuff.

    I love how Dylan ends it all:

    "Charles Bukowski, what else?"

    "Charles Bukowski, voice of the madmen."

    That phrasing...
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    nice find, Ghado!
  20. roni

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    thanks, baby.
  21. On the right? Alan Ginsberg.

    On the left? Dunno.
  22. gbsupbowl

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    i think michael mcclure and robbie robertson
  23. Is the Dylan, Ginsberg and Bukowski photo real or not?
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