any good used bookstores in the phoenix/tempe area? (1 Viewer)


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i'm going to be in tempe this weekend with just my bike and a couple days to kill (I'm out there for a concert at night, but i'm hitching a ride from my friend who will be there all weekend doing work stuff), so I'd like to check out some places, if anyone knows of any...

I'm too far north in Sedona, so sorry that I'm unfamiliar with the bookstores in the area... but I wonder if Linda King is still living and working in Phoenix. Might be interesting to see if you can look her up and find out what's new. Just a passing thought. Good luck whatever. "”Poptop.
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I was in the Pheonix?tempe area a couple of weeks ago.(Apache junction) I spent about two hours on the phone one after noon calling used Book stores and asking for Buks with out any luck. one ol'gal even sounded offended "no we don't have any of him" then spent another day visiting second hand shops and flea markets. not a Buk any where, a shit load of westerns and romance though!
I live in Tempe...
you might try "Changing Hands Bookstore" (Guadalupe and McClintock, Tempe), Bookman's (Southern and Country Club, Mesa) or dowtown Tempe on Mill Avenue there are a couple used bookstores but can't tell you if they're any good.

Bobby D

PS: Didn't know Linda King was in the area, hmmmmm. :)

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