Any Parisians out here? I think Buk would've loved this Devastatingly beautiful book (1 Viewer)

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Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky.
WOW, I am being blown away by this one

I don't remember reading much about Buk's perception of his German heritage.....
But man, I think he would have gobbled up this non-survivors hands-on impression of a city-in-flee-mode. (Paris)
(I'm only on page 78).
I lived in Germany for a little bit, and I'll never forget getting a tour of Berlin by my girlfriend's mother, she wanted me to see how EVIL Germany had been.
She led me about, crying most of the time.....
Ok, I'm nearing the end of this book,
(& I can say, and it's very unintentional,
But I don't dig chick writers... I bet the ratio, fav books by all men and women is....
astoundingly written by men.
I unfairly even give women a hard to get on my got-to-read list....
Often I will go with word of mouth,
Past books, etc.
But for me to read a book by a woman!,
Well, let the stones fly in my direction,
But I almost never....

But this book, man, I've got to find out what else she wrote.
Nobody has commented :< on the 1st post here
(see, bad old women authors! don't include them in the title of a new thread :>, case in point!)
No, I know!, maybe it's the author of the thread :>.

Go ahead and kill this thread mjp,
But wait till I hear from somebody in England who can get me a 1st signed 2X
(by author's daughter and the translator) :>
Going for crazy $ on e-bay ($500. +)

There, take that :>
(BTW, I am very guilty of getting my hands on any new Anne Rice book that comes out,... oh the horrors, what horrors!)

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