Anybody catch the new Gatsby movie? (1 Viewer)

Aside from the usual Hollywood bullshit (overacted, overproduced, overdone in pretty much every way), it was worth my ten bucks. Walked out of there struck by the realization that good writing does in fact make a difference. Good directors can do a lot with a mediochre script, but just having those good lines in there, those elements of satire and critique, that narrative arc. Fitzgerald could in fact write, seems to me ... Anybody else bite the bullet and go check it out?

As an aside, would definitely be interested to know what Bukowski made of Fitzgerald. Can anybody mention any times where the name came up in Bukowski's work?
Saw it. I liked it better than previous adaptations. I like the way that the hip-hop flavored score connects the dots between the 1920's and our current era. Makes one feel like it really wasn't all that long ago.
I know Buk has mentioned F. Scott, but can't recall what he said. I know Hem liked to take jabs at him though. Always somewhat backhanded compliments. He said somewhere that F. was perhaps too enamored with the rich, and that he realized too late that there was nothing special about them. There is a long section in Moveable Feast where Hem talks at length about F. and Zelda.

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