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Hey everyone! Long time lurker here. Finally came around to saying "Fuck it!" and registering. I've been a fan of Buk for over a year now and I can definitely say that, along with this forum (of course), his writings changed my life (I know, even writing it sounds cliché), spiraling me not only into casual alcoholism, but also into a lot of great pieces of art and artists, too.

Some acknowledges first. Thanks MJP for creating this forum and dedicating so much time to it. It's always a pleasure to find new poems (and their respective John Martin screw-ups) in the database. Also, thanks MJP for steering me into great artists like The Stooges, The Wailers, Testors and Prince, which are now among my favorites. I have read some of your poems, too (and I'm also an avid listener of your podcast) and tried to get my hands on works from other artists here, sometimes successfully, as was the case with Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley by Carol Es (which was great, as well as the paintings on your webpage), and sometimes unsuccessfully, as was the case with The Late Season by Stephen Hines, seeing as I'm not a U.S citizen. I also sympathize with many of the opinions here, but moreso the fact that, aside from the occasional provocateur, discussions here seem to be pretty civilized despite the many different opinions spewed around here.

Now I guess I should do a quick rundown of myself. I'm very young (okay, okay, I'm 18), so apologies in advance if I come off as childish. As I already said I am not from the U.S, I'm from Mexico. I'm an aspiring writer since age 16 (surprise!) and probably too young for it. I recently dropped out of a career I hated and I'm currently on the process of getting two jobs (one of which I already got), hoping to save some money and help my parents get me into a career in literature next year, which I know is the least Buk thing to do, but as my parents want me to study a career, no questions asked, I figured out I might as well study something I'm kinda, sorta, a little good at. I've also been unusually interested in music lately, and have been craving to pick up that electric guitar sitting in my room and make some music (which is not an easy thing to do sometimes for a guy that grew up with the Internet and all of its entertaining garbage).

This forum is certainly old, but I really hope some of you are still lurking around here, just as I have been for the past year, and I'm really hoping to get into a few discussions with you guys.

Have a good night, and I'll be seeing you all soon enough.
I have read some of your poems, too (and I'm also an avid listener of your podcast)
Thank you. Your check is in the mail.

18 is not too late to pick up a guitar. Playing it is secondary. Just carry the case around and practice looking bored and superior and girls (or boys, I don't know you) will appear and shower you with undeserved attention and affection. If, as a byproduct of that, you learn to play it, all the better. It worked for John Lennon.

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