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I have a copy of Poems by Steven Richmond here and it is signed, by Richmond as:

Frend Jim,
Dug yr letter
in OLE
Have a bk,
Steve Richmond

Trying to figure out which Jim wrote a letter in Ole. It makes most sense that it would be in issue #1 as that is the only one that would have been out when this book came out, but it is also possible that this was signed years after it was published.

If anyone has any copies of OLE, can you let me know if there are any letters from a "Jim" or "James" in there. My guess is Jim Lowell of Asphodel, but not sure. I'd love to know that this is an association copy.

Maybe I should list this on ebay as being written to Jim Morrison. Ha!
It appears to be one Jim Boyle, from Ole #2 (Richmond was in this issue also):
I figured I'd stick to this Ole-related thread to ask this question. I've been reading some of my Ole copies and I just noticed: Ole #7 is dated May 1967 and Ole #8 (the final issue save for the compilation) is dated April 1967. Anyone know what happened here? Is this Blazek's sense of humor?

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