Anyone here make music? Sharing thread (1 Viewer)

Just wondering if anyone made music?

Thought it'd be cool to make a thread to share/discuss each other's music.

You're free to pose any question you'd like, but I fear this kind of thing is going to lead down a similar path that people posting their poetry lead. And you might notice that we don't allow that, because A) this isn't the place for that, and B) everyone's feelings just end up getting hurt.

Very few people can take criticism, despite the fact that they invite it. I suspect it's a generational thing, expecting nothing but praise for everything you do. Any way you slice it, if you create something for public consumption, half (or more) of the public isn't going to care for it, so expectations should be adjusted accordingly.

Just wanted to get that out of the way up front.
I guess that's fair enough.

I'm making music. Why? I seem to have a lot of time and not much to do. And it's therapeutic.

There are the only two tracks I've made in 2015. Any feedback would be cool. Thanks for anyone who takes the time with the entire history of music just a click away to listen to anything I make.

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