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Anyone here win this Auction?! (1 Viewer)

zoom man

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I'd love to know if it was a real manuscript,
And why would you hide it behind a book....
I e-mailed the seller while it was still on,
And he said, yeah, it's an Original and signed Typed Manuscript called
We Are Always One Step Removed 1992
(Included in New Censorship vol4 no2).
(I looked it up, and it looks like the real thing)

He didn't post my question and his answer on the sale.
Then I proceeded to ask him about a COA....
Never heard back.

Anyway, I had it queued to be sniped (ending time ~2am) for a bit,
Then went to bed.
Bolt awake at 1:30 and ran upstairs to end my bid.....
Suddenly had a bad bad feeling.
He didn't accept Pay-Pal, but Pay-Mate,... anyone use that before?

I won't not bid because someone doesn't accept Pay-Pal
(Otherwise I wouldn't own some awesome stuff)
But (of couse) then have just recently been had for the first time (for all of a $17 money order)
And wondered about this sale.....
Did I miss a deal?

(Ok, editor, please re-type the above and condense baby, condense )
Oh, and see too,
He's a 'power-seller'
All books, I think.
Wouldn't he know better, or is this some smart way to sell
That just worked miserably here?!
It does not say anywhere that it is an original signed poem. I think that the vagueness of the listing was probably to confuse someone into paying $81 for a $5 later edition book and a xeroxed piece of paper. It may have been copied from the original, but I doubt that someone would list a book and original nmanuscript like this... That is just my take...

bospress.net said:
It does not say anywhere that it is an original signed poem.
Yeah, but he told me it was.
"The poem is computerised but the signature is handwritten."
Handwritten must mean
Handwritten by him.
And he thought I was so dumb,
And I almost was.....

Is it a real manuscript?

That's why I'd love to hear from the winner.....
And of course,..
Making the whole thing more suspicious,
Bidder's ID is 'Private'
(But again, I've bid on 'Private' listing before, even sold one item where the bidders name was kept Private).
Hi Zoom Man,
You may be right. Either something is very wrong and this is not what it seems or this person listed this in such a bad way that he screwed himself out of a few hundred dollars.

PLUs, his feedback is hidden. That being said, I can see that he had 4 negatives in the past month. It does not make me want to run out and buy anyhting from him. At least if he took Paypal, there would be protection to make sure that if it is not real, you can get your money back, but who the Hell knows what the policy of this Pay-Mat eis... Bad all around, I think....

Yeah Bill,
I can't understand the whole 'feedback hidden' concept....
But Still, I've been lucky,
Winning manuscripts, even, where the seller didn't even include a scan/pic!
E-bay will always be a gamble..............
Just wondering if I should have anted up to this table.
I think it's genuine, unless he copied this (signature is the same)...


It's in my giant pile of manuscripts to add to the site. I think Scott at Abandoned Planet sold it originally.
Damn it.....
I should have pmed you b4 it ended mjp.
I looked in the manuscript section,
Didn't see it, and thought,
Maybe it's in a pile of his waiting to be added...

Why in hell would this guy sell it like this?!
No idea. But all the red flags that you guys brought up are valid. Especially "private" feedback. Private almost always means very, very bad feedback, so I never buy from those sellers.
yeah.. hey.
is that erik?
this is what i got.. i don't know exactly what a manuscript is.. what i got was not written with a type writer.. it looks like a print from an old apple mac.(semi faded).. remember that early 90's apple font? it was folded twice.. the signature was authentic and hand wriiten. in black pen. dated i think May 92. ( i do'nt have it in front of me).. but i remember thinking i got a pretty good deal.. $80 something $US. what do you think>?
Hey Darren, Glad to see you here and yes,
You done good!,
Red flags be damned.
A manuscript means it came directly from his typing machine
(or printer, in this case).
Again, good show mate....

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