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Anyone interested in a copy of Night Torn Mad With Footsteps, First Trade Edition? (1 Viewer)


Sad Flower in the Sand
I ordered one into my Barnes and Noble and two more came in from the warehouse, strangely... And, as of 7:30 this evening, they're sitting on the shelf. List price $30, but I get a discount, so they'd be $24 a pop. They seem to be in good condition too...

Anyway, I don't know what media mail costs for shipping, but I could probably cover it domestically. Internationally... uhhh, I'm sure we could probably work something out. First come, first served, second come, second served. Third come... well, tough shit!

These are first edition, first printing, with that wonderful colophon page and color title page too. Mmmmm. I hug mine every few days cuz I'm happy I actually own a Buk first edition. Anyway, if you're interested lemme know.

And I'll put 'em on hold for a few days tomorrow in case people are interested. ABE seems to have them for much more. I imagine those must be something else because... $150 seems a lot for JUST a first edition. And if I'm selling these at a steal price... well, I'm an asshole and I'll take the loss for the wonderful people on the boards here.
Good on yer, LTS, for passing along a bargain. $21 is a very good price.

As for abe, I don't know what goes on sometimes. Those other copies range from the trade first you are speaking of to a numbered first with serigraph (for $225?!) to review copies. What is very strange is that my copy just arrived minutes ago. I ordered it through abe from Skyline Books, about two weeks ago, and it is #101 of 526 copies with serigraph print. Price? $50 - as published price.

So, you've got to do some homework when looking for Buk. Enjoy The Night Torn Mad..., I think it's a very good collection.
OK, one for Father Luke and one for Gerard. I'll pick 'em up today and tomorrow I'll pass on the info as to where to send payment. Be on the lookout for a PM then!
You guys too. If anyone else is interested... I'll check warehouse stock today and get back here. If there's more copies, I'll order 'em in and pass along the fun.
OK, I'll shoot off a message as soon as they arrive... Hopefully early next week! 4 left for those who remain and remain interested.
I've got 4 more on order, so one can be yours... if the price is right!

But seriously, I'll earmark one for you and let you know when they arrive.

At $21 a copy for a first edition I may reorder a gross from you. But for now, please put me down for a single copy.


Got mine yesterday, thank you very much!
Just to show what a novice I am this book is my first Black Sparrow Press and 2nd hardcover and first first edition. It is the best book I own.
Well then I'm glad I was able to contribute! :)

Its my first first hardcover trade as well. Not the best book I own though. That goes to my copy of Crucifix in a Deathhand. But still a great book. Enjoy!
Glad it got there and was appreciated. Its getting to where we could all use a little joy in this country. I'm certainly happy I'm able to spread some around.
All copies of the book are now spoken for. I'm still waiting on 4 of the 5 to come in, but I'll send out PMs as soon as the arrive.
Good knowledge. Its strange that apparently the company's been sitting on these for the past... what, ten years? Nearly. Jeez.

Well... if anyone is still interested, I can check around and see if I can get those copies into my store too :p

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