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The background looks familiar to me. I have to wrack my brain to see if I can remember where it's from.
maybe that was just his special chair and he didn't go anywhere without it. he looks like he's 'layin on of the hands' on the chair, as though resting in the spirit haha those christmas lights really add a lot of atmosphere too!
I'm way off. I would have said it was when he was in Germany. But I'm way off base. I have seen that background somewhere though.
Good point, Synonymist. He may have moved the chair from apartment to apartment. The photo might be dated by his hair style (longish), and possibly the wristwatch. Any wristwatch data? Or did he wear the same old watch for decades?
Ponder is telling me that 1982 wouldn't be the right date for the above photo.
Yes, Carlton Way was 74-78. Since the chair seems to be from Carlton Way, 74-78 has got to be the date range.

But two things threw me off and made me think it was not Bukowski's aprtment; the Christmas lights and the candle in the bottle. Those would seem to be not-quite-Bukowski, but then the chair would seem to disagree. But that vinyl couch or wall-seat he's sitting on - I don't recall ever seeing that in pictures or film from his apartment. So there's that.

I'm wondering if it couldn't be a different apartment at Carlton Way - say, Pam's or Linda King's (didn't she also live there briefly?), and they just had the same chairs...

Synonymist take note: this is the important stuff, and "appropriate" conversation. Not your silly questions about poetry. I hope you are taking notes.
[...] made me think it was not Bukowski's aprtment; the Christmas lights and the candle in the bottle.
only at first sight.
In 'Women' we hear, that he even was celebrating Thanksgiving at the time.
And from Neeli's bio, we know, that he was celebrating Christmas at least once in San Pedro (and from a pic of his last Christmas 1993, we know, he did so at least a second time - even with a real tree!)
I would assume that when he was living with a woman there could be Christmas lights up in his place, wherever that place might be. I was just suggesting that when he was living alone, I can't imagine him decking the halls in any way whatsoever.

What I could see is him giving one of his matching chairs to Pam when she lived at Carlton Way, as he seemed to help her out with things like that, or, finding a few of those chairs with Linda King and buying them and splitting them up. Or something along those lines. Maybe one of the women found the chairs and laid one or two on him so he wouldn't have to sit on a vinyl dinette chair, or a lawn chair or a wooden folding chair.

Or maybe it's just a magic fucking chair and it followed him. Is there a manuscript where he complains about a chair that won't leave him alone? I can't recall...

That's pretty typical Bukowski at the time though, taking that ratty chair from Carlton Way and moving it into his new house. Where he also wrote at a desk the previous owner left behind. So much for the Holiness of the Writer's Lair. Motherfucker could type anywhere.
I thought, he looked a lot like Carlton-Way-times in that pic.

But must admit, there's something, that wouldn't fit to that neighborhood:
I'm not sure about your American ways of living, but I've seen big heating-machines (whatever you call them) only in 'good' homes (San Pedro / Hollywood Hills) and THIS looks a bit like one of these heaters.

No wait! - looking close, it looks like you can see the outside of the building through it, so it wouldn't be a heater but a kind of fan (ventilator that is). So, I think, we're back to the pre-San Pedro-times.

It's a gas heater, and I don't think that's the outside you see through the vent, but rather a reflection. There's likely another room behind it, not an outside wall. They are often two sided, with vents on either side (so one heater covers two rooms).

It isn't the case that they are in "better" homes, in fact, they are mostly in apartments and rental and vacation homes in warmer climates. You wouldn't find those on the East coast or in the Midwest. I've never seen them outside of the Southwest, anyway. They are a very inefficient way to heat a house, and only a somewhat efficient way to heat a room.

Anyway, they would have definitely been in the Los Angeles bungalows and court apartments built in the 20s (and all the way up through the 70s).
This photo was taken on Carlton Way by Montfort. Same chair and atmosphere as in the photo above. I'd say Carlton!

The typewriter in that photo is the Olympia SG-1. A different chair and I believe a Royal HH (not a Quiet Deluxe - notice the side panels) in this (earlier? 1973-4?) shot:


Dig the shirt daddio...

That would be a late use of the HH, though I suppose he may have been fond of that particular model.

I didn't find any HH-looking type in the manuscripts right before he went to the SG-1 (or a return to the HH type during 71-75), but we don't have a tremendous number of 71-75 manuscripts, so anything could have happened in there.

I'm sure he used more typewriters than I have listed in the samples, but we really need manuscripts to try to identify them.
I think that the last shot is by Joan Gannij, unless Ulvis was holding the tripod. :)
In the photos from Cruelty of Loveless love, he is wearing the same shirt. She could probably date the latest. She also had mentioned the horrific polyester shirt. White patent leather shoes were also in but he wouldn't wear those would he? Nah!
Yeah, picture is by Gannij, it's the second photo session.
Published in 1976 or taken in 1976?

If they were taken in 1975 but not published until 1976 the HH would make more sense, since he got the SG-1 in December of 1975.

Which would also mean that HH in the picture is the typewriter Linda King smashed in the street. ;)
As far as I remember Gannij told us the photo session was in the fall of 1976,
I believe she has also met Linda Lee.
Here is what Joan says in the prologue? of Cruelty.
I first met CB in 1974 at a reading at California State University Los Angeles. My friend Glen Esterly was profiling him for Rolling Stone and brought me along to take some photographs we hoped to run with the article. A month later, we met again at Hank's humble bungalow on Carlton Way in East Hollywood, the scene of so many of his vivid literary landscapes...
A week later we went back for another interview and photo session.
I guess I was drunk when Gannij told us the stories and I thought
Elvis wasn't there during the second photo session. Not the first time I'm wrong.
Okay, well that would seem to suggest that the "frigid air" session with Georgia was the second Gannij session. The first being the more formal one with the fancy shirt.

According to Pam's book, she and Georgia met Bukowski in November of 1975, so it would make sense that the Georgia picture is from 1976 and the fancy shirt picture is earlier.

The Rolling Stone piece ran in the summer of 1976, so I think Gannij's memory is a little off when she says she met him in 1974 with the Rolling Stone writer. I don't think Rolling Stone would sit on a profile like that for over a year in those days. Which makes it more likely that the fancy shirt photo is from late 1975 (or early 76).

Either way, it seems that the t-shirt/Georgia session was after the fancy shirt session, which makes sense, as Bukowski would have likely been less formal shooting with her for the second time.
Very interesting.

I'd say the picture is Carlton Way, too. Probably the end of the Carlton-Way-period.

Maybe the strange looking sofa is this one without the blanket?

The sofa in the photo starting this thread doesn't have arm rests, so it can't be the same as the one with the blanket on it.

Note the bandaid on Linda's finger. No doubt this is from her Cut Finger period.

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