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I grew up there.

And Bill, you're only 37??! Sheesh, for some reason, by what/how you write, I always figured you were in your 50s.

It's the "all Best, Bill" that makes me seem older, right? That is what Jordan says.

Plus, I use "I tells ya", which makes me seem McCain old....

Yep, I'm 37...

Dan, Welcome. I, like most everyone else, left Indiana. I like David Letterman, oh, he left too. Now tell us about yourself and catch and release.
You live near Chicago, right. There are plenty of Bukowski fans from there.
More about me

I live in Northwest Indiana, not too far from Chicago.

I am fascinated by Bukowski's demeanor in every video clip I've seen. I thought Mickey Rourke did a good job of portraying him in Barfly.

I like to write, but rarely use profanity in my writing.

What I like about Bukowski's writing is the way he makes it seem so natural and flowing, almost like you're just following a video instead of a written story.

Like Bukowski or hate him, it's hard not to watch (the old videos) or read his work.

Anyhow, glad to be here.

Hope to learn a bit more about Bukowski and writing.

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