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Apparently I am a millionaire.... (1 Viewer)



For those of you who are not familiar with these, they are probably photos (reversed) of printing blocks. I have a bunch of these here and they are nearly worthless. If you has an early Coca Cola, it would MAYBE worth $100 to a hardcore collector. This whole lot is worth maybe $25, and frankly, I would not even pay that for it as there is no one out there that can really make use out of printing cuts of mom and pop stores. i have some for Texaco, etc and they are equally worthless.

They claim that they are for leather tooling, but I doubt it for a couple reasons. 1) who would Stamp "smith-Faus Drug Co" on a belt and 2) The backs are made of wood. Hit once and they will split or smash. A leather die would have to be much more durable. If these were leather dies, they would be equally valueless....

Fishing for fools, indeed.

$500.000 - what a crazy amount of money for something so ordinary. You could probably buy a Picasso for that kinda money, but who knows, if you can sell the Eiffel Tower or the Brooklyn Bridge, why not some old worthless printing blocks. :D
Those are "museum-quality." You're not taking that into account. That's where the extra $499,975 comes into play. You just don't know anything about museum-quality antiques!

That listing is astounding, though. I think the guy is sincere (sincerely deluded and misinformed, but sincere), and believes he is handling rare, historic treasures. How many crabby old letterpress dicks are messaging him right now, do you suppose? Ha ha.

If only yours were brass and copper.....then they'd be worth a million.

if they were made of solid gold, they would still not be worth $500,000, let alone a million...

How many crabby old letterpress dicks are messaging him right now, do you suppose? Ha ha.

Yeah, that letterpress list has its share of bitter, old, racists. those are the folks that will send them threatening emails and try to find a way to make them miserable.


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