Are there any good poets today? If so, please name them. (1 Viewer)

I'm not a "metal kid" or a "food-stamp kid" so I guess I'm just not hip enough to get that Valdez cat, but there's a guy out of California who's pretty good. Name: Martin, John Martin. Try "bone palace ballet."
Except there's this guy, a ghost writer of some sort. He's vulgar and talks incessantly about alcohol and he steps on martin's toes throughout the whole book. Bukowski or some such.
Hosho McCreesh's A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst, no shit man. Brilliant.

I like Billy Collins.
Not a lot like much of the poetry discussed here but I like Michael Ondaatje too.
esart: I won't sue you. I'll further investigate the 2 you mentioned.

I like what I see. With a little time & $ I'll investigate even further.
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I swear, you will not be sorry. I'm so certain of it that I'm willing to pay you back double what you pay for it if you don't thoroughly enjoy both of those books! Seriously. That's how much confidence I have in him. ;)
Is there anyone worth reading today? If so, who? I'm at a loss.


By coincidence, I'm reading this collection at the moment,only because I have just finished one of his novels. To my shame have only recently heard of him. The first poem put me off a bit as it is very long, but the rest are "normal". A bit dark, deals with loss, death, pain; both human and animal, a lot of his themes are of nature and the enviroment. But I will read more of his work based on this.
I bought "Devouring Birds" last year and only got to it in the last few days. It is a great collection of poems.
I'm truly enjoying reading Baatz. One of my favourites so far.

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