Article: Don't blame Bukowski for bad poetry by Tony O'Neill in The Guardian (1 Viewer)

Well, a more positive article (compared to the last one I posted).

Quote: "Unfortunately, the posthumous poetry collections have been patchy at best. In an indisputable act of necrophilia, Ecco has been exploiting the dead poet's odds and ends for years now, mercilessly sullying the back catalogue of one of America's greatest contemporary poets. But since - thankfully - this new collection [The People Look Like Flowers At Last (Ecco)] supposedly marks the end of such acts of desecration, maybe it is time for the Bukowski-doubters to calmly reappraise the man's work, laying aside all former prejudices."

Not sure about that bolded statement. The database shows quite a few conflicts between book/ms.

Note to mjp: I did my due diligence and couldn't find this. But I could have missed it...

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