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I just wrote an essay on Douglas Goodwin:

As some of you know, Bukowski wrote a foreword for Goodwin's Half Memory of a Distant Life (which I published under the Clock Radio Press moniker in 1987), corresponded with Goodwin (a few letters are in Reach for the Sun), and considered Goodwin one of the promising young writers of the 80s, as did I. Read Goodwin's work, and I think you might agree. Just recently, for example, I received a letter from someone who was recently turned on to Goodwin and wanted to know about everything he wrote.

This month I have a bit of time to work through a bunch of my papers from the 80s, and this essay grew out of those papers.

I'll be uploading a copy of Half Memory to PoetryCircle in the coming days and expanding the initial essay that I wrote on Goodwin. There's plenty of good material I have here to plumb. Stay tuned.
I'm still unearthing old papers (it takes forever when you're as old and otherwise occupied as I am), and I ran across three letters from Doug written to me after the publication of Half Memory. In one of them he apparently enclosed a check for $100 for a pile of copies (meaning about 20, as I recall), and I don't remember distributing copies to anyone else, so those Abe books must have come from Doug. Well, I'm sure I also sent Bukowski some copies, since he wrote the foreword. I don't remember how many, though.

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