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So the Mafia thread got me to thinking. I have been trying to buy an original Dee Dee Ramone painting for years. I've heard when he was alive he sold them for about $200.00 bucks each. The closest I've gotten now is a $2600.00 bid last year, where I was outbid by the winner at $2900.00. I've given up, for now, but just wondered what experiences or examples you guys have seen out there. The Henry Hill paintings are insanely funny, but bad, still I would not have been surprised if they had been going for thousands instead of the $20.00 or $30.00 bucks they do go for. I bought an original black and white drawing by Daniel Johnston a few years back for about $100.00. So I was looking at his website today and saw that several of his watercolor's sell in the thousands! INCREDIBLE, I mean I'm shocked. He's NOT that famous and the quality maybe a little bit above Henry Hill? Here's one below that sold for $1,200.00. What's everybody got to say on the subject? Or what have you guys found similar to this? And if you know anyone with a Dee Dee Ramone painting, I'll trade my car and girlfriend for it!

Well, I'm seeing him perform next month and can't wait...providing he turns up. I've wanted to buy one of his pieces for ages, but although his paintings seem to have gone up in price you can still pick up a drawing for a couple of hundred dollars...or like my mate, just imitate his style and lie to your friends!

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