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Hi guys.
I'm a journalist at Correio Braziliense, a Brazilian newspaper, and I'm wirting an article about this Bukowski site. I would love to interview on of you, someone responsible for the site. Is that possible?
Here is my mail: [email protected]
Yhank you!
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... which was an inside-joke, that you weren't capable to get.

The guy who runs the site is nicknamed mjp. You'll find him all over the place. He definitely is your man.
Dark Party reached out to Michael Phillips of ( to learn more about the enigmatic Bukowski. The Bukowski web site grew out of a smaller Bukowski section on the old when Michael spun off in January of 2006. Michael is the brains behind the site, but the heart and soul are the forums filled with Bukowski fans from all over the world.

Our Boss has been interviewed here:
Heck you learn something everyday.
I didn't know MJP you are a Hesse fan too.
My main character in my dust covered screen play (from 100o years ago) is Wagner Klein-a tip of the hat to HH.
I didn't know MJP you are a Hesse fan too.
Was a Hesse fan I suppose. I haven't read any of those books since I was in my mid-20s. I suspect some of them may annoy me at this point.

As for Brazil, no comment! No comment for you!

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