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Scott Harrison has helped me greatly in my work and I don't know where he ended up on the Martin question during the discussion/fracas recently. But I was going through my papers today and found this so thought I'd put it up: Scott listed Purr for sale on ebay back in 2007 and saw the mangling of the poem but mistakenly attributed to B changing it later rather than the fact that it was Martinized.
Hey Scott, if you are still out there, it looks to me like you were hot on the trail back in 2007 but didn't realize it.

Harrison Purr Ebay 001.jpg

ATT 001.jpg

ATT Martinized 001.jpg
Harrison doesn't read this forum. It's beneath him.

And he doesn't believe Martin did anything wrong. He prefers to believe that the half of Bukowski's published work that was released posthumously was "second, third and tenth rate" work.

He's a fucking idiot.

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