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At Terror Street and Agony Way - missing cover (1 Viewer)


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There are worse copies than mjp's:

Funny, I almost bought it thinking 'I could send it to Bill and get it nicely rebound - I wonder how much he might charge...' :D - I'm serious. It originally finished earlier today without a bid.

But in the end, $60 still seemed a lot of money for a mostly ruined book. I noticed the pencil scribble on the title page and asked about the insides - apparently it was full of notations which the seller says have been erased. The back cover is present they say, so I guess the original spine is still there. What a shame.
Sixty dollars? Yow. I think I paid $80 or $85 for the infamous copy above, and it has (the bulk of) the cover. A library bound Terror Street would be nice (meaning: readable). I got the library bound It Catches for $100, and I'm glad I have it, for actual reading purposes.

[That auction shows as still active for me...]
The listing doesn't say very much. For example, it doesn't say THE COVER IS MISSING. But that's pretty obvious. And it doesn't say if this is one of 800 copies in wrappers or one of 75 hardbound, signed copies with an original illustration. Is there a way to tell from the photo if it might be the later? That would be a steal at $60. I can picture Bill making this a beautiful copy.
Seller said that it's a paperback and the back cover is present.

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