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Well, I need your help here; although I will indeed survive without it. A large number of poems from At Terror Street... are collected in Burning in Water.... However, one of the poems listed in the TOC of Burning... that is listed as from Terror Street is The Curtains are Waving, but it is certainly not in my copy of Terror Street. Or is it one of those embossed pages that my 10-year old glasses do not allow me to see?

Secondly, are any other Terror poems collected elsewhere in BSP editions, including the posthumous ones?

Thanks in advance. Hanksolo? cirerita? Bueller?
The database is incomplete in this case, because it turns out Krumhansl missed some titles in his lists (like this, for example).
As far as I know The Curtains was only previously published as a chapbook in 1967 by Black Sparrow. I think it was the 8th Black Sparrow Bukowski publication? At Terror Street came out in 1968, but in the contents to Burning it says

At Terror Street and Agony Way (Poems 1965 - 1968)

So I guess Curtains was included there for chronological reasons.
if i recall correctly someone(abandoned planet?) was selling the "curtains" chapbook on ebay within the last few weeks, for $750 i think....

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