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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
I know, I know!

Creation! Fashion creator, ha! Jean-Paul Gaultier!
I am no fashion follower, but I love to see what's is being created in all fields. I went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see the collection of Jean-Paul Gaultier. The designer is an amazing creator, that, above being a fashion designer. It has been his passion since he was a child.

It is a must see. Hundred of sculptures! It smells genius to me.

What was the most exciting apart from the designs was the presentation of his art. There were cameras projecting speaking faces on all mannequins, some reciting poetry, others expressing moods, signing, whispering. They appeared real!
He used to present a show called Euro Trash in England, which was an amusingly awful show looking at the weirdos that inhabit this continent. I'd be interested to see a show of his work as his brain is obviously wired a little differently.

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