Attempted attack on Dutch royal family leaves 5 dead (1 Viewer)

Terrible incident. From the different stories I've read, it sounds like a lone nut who wanted to run down anyone, not just the royal family. Not that that explains anything or makes it less tragic. Too bad that for years probably, the memory of this particular Queen's Day will be recalled and re-lived by many.
I agree to what number6horse has said. That lunatic caused nothing but pain, suffering and death to be remembered. It sucks for me to say so, but the closer a tragedy happens, the more I'm touched by it. This one is very close. It's disturbing to think about the relatives, the why?, the motivation for such cruelty ( and I think there's no explanation a sane mind would understand ).
It's terrible and so unnecessary. The driver is dead, right? Who was he and any clues to why he did it?
It sounds like a suicide carefully planned...
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"The driver, a white 38-year-old Dutchman, had reportedly lost his job as a security officer a few months ago and was about to be evicted from his apartment in the town of Huissen, near Utrecht, because he could no longer pay the rent.

He was photographed slumped against his seat with blood on his forehead, before being pulled from the wreckage of the car and then arrested and taken to hospital.

Before his death he had confessed to police that his action was aimed against the royal family.

"He was a normal, polite man who lived a very quiet and secluded life," a neighbour told De Telegraaf newspaper.'
Thanks, Socratease! - Since it was deliberate it must have been a suicide mission, trying to take the symbol of the establishment with him because he lost his job and apartment.

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