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Australian first edition of Women? (1 Viewer)


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Australian edition? I can't make out what it says on the spine. Anyone know about this?

I can't make it out either but it should say "Wild & Wooley." It's listed in Krumhansl as 63b... an edition of 750 copies.
it says "Wild & Wooley". Without opening it, it would be hard to be sure that it is the first edition and not a later reprinting of this. That assumes that Wild & Wooley ever did a second printing. I can imagine that it would not make sense to only print 750 copies of this in a country as large as Australia....

Big country - relatively tiny population.
I don't know if Wild and Wooley did produce a 2nd edition, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.
It's listed in Krumhansl as 63b...
Somehow Krumhansl continues to contain surprising little nuggets, just when I thought I'd gleaned everything from the fucker. The Women section is interesting, even noting the page numbers that were changed in the revised first edition.

750 for Australia seems reasonable if the US run was 7500 (per Krumhansl).

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