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Hi I just scored a signed New Years Greetings from BSP on eBay and I wanted to know if the signature is authentic. It says that there's 226 copies signed by Buk but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you

This is the picture from eBay

Someone just posted this saying it was their prized possession.


Cool. I'm no expert. I'm merely a fanatic who knows (a few) things. This sig ain't real is it? I'd be surprised if it is. I don't wanna know how much he paid for it either.
Anyone could bring a bookplate to a reading to have it signed. But I have never seen one, for the record. I think it's premature to assume it was done by a forger. The more I look at it, the more it looks like '73-'75 to me (per Ski's note and my copies of SoNN, Burning and Love is a Dog). This would be consistent with his use of thicker felt tip pens during that time and would be consistent with what he's wearing, his apparent age in the photo and the green Dodge (I believe) that looks to be a '69 or '70 and appears to be a few years old.
It's a nice Charles Bulrailee signature. Not sure why they put a picture of Bukowski next to it...

There are dozens (hundreds?) of those generic bookplate signatures on eBay at any given moment, and I think it's fair to say that roughly 100% of them are phony. As for the details that I think make this one phony, I would rather not educate forgers.

Though it doesn't seem to matter. You can put just about any scribbled shit up on eBay and sell it to someone.

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