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Oh dear, He's so pale looking! I knew he was ill in his later years but...
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Nope. It's one of the best Buk sites I've ever seen...;)
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at terror street and agony way is the best book title of all time...and all time is A LONG time

Okay, I get what you mean

So translate it to us :)

Charles Bukowski, perhaps the greatest writer, living or dead, wrote at terror
street and agony way. Amongst all the great works of this man, Charles
Bukowski, brilliant beyond compare, the one that strikes me as the best is
this one... So may it be unto the ages of ages. If I were God,
that's what I'd decree.

- -
Father Luke
thaks for that good article..
what I ment about "at terror street and agony way"was simply that the mere title of the book is better than most other books complete..thats
how do I do my "profile"by the way? Forgive my ignorance..Rich
rich, mjp posted this thread on the "buk site". just look at the first post, it's made by him. is that what you meant? pardon my confusion...

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